Phil comes to to knifemaking from the fine arts. As an award winning artist in both painting and printmaking, making knives is only a small leap. The art of knifemaking brings so many mediums into one work of art. Drawing, sculpting, and photography, plus many hours of handwork using an assortment of files.

My knifemaking started the same as nearly all knifemakers. My earliest knives were hunters made from old saw blades because you must start somewhere. This was in 1987 and by the early 90’s I found I was making folding knives and doing knife shows to sell my knives. I am still doing 4 shows per year. I like shows because I can spend time meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.

Besides having a great time at knife shows, it also allows me the opportunity to introduce new work. It’s an exciting time to be able to see the reaction of old and new customers when they get to see my new creations.

The hot rod knives you see pictured here are brand new work. Why Hotrods? And what DO you do with them? One reason is for the fun involved in making these one of a kind knives of such a wild nature. That and one more important fact: the “fun factor.” These large, liner-locking, folding knives have a trick up their sleeves. They are made so that a black powder cap can be fitted on the blade stop. Once the cap is set and you “sling” the blade open it fires the cap. These must be the loudest knives on the market. I mean loud…so when you are showing your knives to friends…


This is a series of short, broad folding knives. In the fall of 1995 I made a half dozen very small fat folding knives and debut in Las Vegas at a show and they were the hit of my show. Since then I have changed the design slightly each year. Different blade shapes, patterns and mechanisms. Keep them new and fresh. I continue to make minnows and like to take a few to every show.

Minnow 1
This model #24 knife features a 1 1/2” blade of Damascus steel which is contrasted with a different pattern Damascus used on the bolsters. Handle material in rare black lip pearl. Model #24s are pushbutton automatics powered via coil spring and lock up tight.
Minnow 2
This knive is also a model #24, featuring a skull pattern steel on both blade and bolsters. This knife if an overall rich chocolate brown color of gun blue finish and deep brown bone handles.
Minnow 3
This is a model #28 [meaning the 2008 design] and is a very small knife. The blade is only 1” long and snaps open via the pushbutton. This knife received the full treatment of San mai Damascus blade and basket weave patterned bolsters. The handle material is gold lip pearl shell.
Minnow 4
Model #24. A hand rubbed ATS-34 Stainless steel blade looks just right with the dramatic diamond pattern bolsters and white pearl handles.

This category is for all other forms of cool knives.

Folding Knife 1
This is a model #27 [2007 design], ultimate minnow. The 27 design has two blades and both are automatic! Yes, that is double ”click”. The blades ave been ground offset so the fit in the same slot together. Both knives are the same profile, except one is turned over. I like the symmetry of simple design. this knife features spiders in the bolster pattern and handle material of coral with a web looking design in the natural coral. The blades are tool steel with blued finish and some careful buffing.
Folding Knife 2
Model #27. This was a stunning knife with the Norris Stainless Damascus on both blade and bolsters with Black lip pearl scales. Wow…
Folding Knife 3 & 4
This photo shows two more possibilities of materials that can be used on the knives I make.


  1. Very cool! YOU ARE THE HOTROD! Gotta have one in an auto. Can you make different cars and what kinds? Zoom zoom! Stay in touch.

  2. WOW!!! Very nice and yes it is fun to visit your site.

    News here is my job was eliminated at Oneida 1/7. I am looking for another now. Unemployment is hard to sign up for because the 800 number is always busy and the web page keeps crashing because of the volume of applicants. Oh well, sI would like to start sending you some money each month for the #28 minnow. Hopefully I will be able to acquire a Hot Rod model in the near future. Let me know how much I need to send for a cool #28. Best to you and the family.

  3. Nice new model!

  4. Hey Phil, we viewed your new web site. enjoyed it. the “bang” is a little easier on the ears then in real life. HA HA HA or LOL however you say it in txting. good luck
    Fred and Fran

  5. It is cool and I like it!!! Phil, you should sell them in a very good price!! Good luck!

    Will you be at Janesville this year?
    I would really like to see these knives in person.
    What are the prices on these?
    Are there just the (2) Hotrods at this time?
    Hope to see you soon………Damn, I wish spring was here!
    All the best,

  7. I love the fact you refer to yourself as Phil. Talking about yourself in the third person is great and Andy love to do it.

  8. Hello Phil
    Ed Wormser sent me an email about your hot rod.
    Wow! Really impressive. So creative and the backfire is a boot.
    I’ll see you at the Blade show, where you will win “Best Innovation” award!!!!!.
    Aloha, Don

  9. I really enjoyed talking with you at the Grand Rapids knife show, and looking at the hot rod knives. I was guy that asked if you were seeing “if it played in Peoria”, then you would offer them at larger knife shows. See you at the Wolverine show.


    PS… It is nice that a maker of your stature shows up at small shows in your home state.

  10. nice knives phil

  11. just saying HI for long time bladeshow 2002 and Bob Tool same table.I happy you are good and awesome knives.I hope i will see you at bladeshow take care ALLEN CATES

  12. Phil,
    Are you going to bring to Atlanta,a minnow or two? I’m interested in a stag handle minnow.
    I purchased the mommoth handle one at the Chi.Cusrom Show last fall and I have purchased two more recently.

  13. Your knives are terrific, especially the Hotrod! Are they available for sale? How much? Thanks.

  14. […] a 5″ damascus blade that is spring fired when the  headers are pressed. If you like this check out his website. I’d say he likes Hotrods […]

  15. are hotrod knives available,how much and ill you do a copy of my 23 t roadster .i also collect knivest thanks, art

  16. […] can see more of Phil’s work at his website including a fun video of a special Hot Rod knife in […]

  17. Hi, long time no see. Refereed any foot races

    lately? Congratulations on Blade cover.


  18. Phil,
    Nice to see the boat in the water…As for the knives, well I was blown away when the current issue of Blade arrived. All I can say is WOW, and glad that I own 2 Minnows!

  19. I was wondering how much the hot rod knives are, I would like to buy one for sure and possibly two.

  20. Hello Phil,
    Great art and knives as well. Is it possible to order your Minnows or Folding Knives or do you ever have them available for sale, other than at shows?

  21. Jesus,
    The Little Red Roadster is $2500. It comes with a stand so it can be displayed and shipping is always free.
    The Gold Slingshot is also available. It is $2000. This knife took around 100 hours.

  22. Met Phil at the Badger Wisconsin show too many years ago and purchased two minnows! one with great stag scales and file work on the blade and spine. The other, well, is the EDC, it’s flat metal scales makes it stealthy in the pocket.
    One Sunday I took my hand out of my pocket, with some cash, at the local farmers market and didn’t hear the knife hit the ground. When I got home to unload the produce the knife was gone. PANIC TIME!
    I went back and looked Where I parked earlier and started to look for it. Going between the aisles I spotted some one trying to figure out how to close it. Relating the story to him and naming the BOOTH stamp on the blade he happily returned it to me!!!
    Phil being Phil was kind enough to refinish the scales and had it back to me in no time flat…WHAT A GUY!

  23. Good evening Sir.
    I attended the Gun & Knife show in Springfield, Illinois at the Orr Building of the State Fair Grounds today 01-01-2011.
    I stopped by Gene Miner’s table and had a great time chatting with him.
    Gene’s a great guy and very talented.
    During our conversation, Gene reached in his pocket and pulled out one of the finest crafted knives I have ever seen. It was one of your Minnow automatics. It was highly polished, had a stainless blade and stag handles.
    WOW. The back strap looked to be inter-wolven highly polished wire rope.
    Gene gave me your name and instructed me to look you up on the web.
    I just wanted to send you an email and wish you a Happy New Year.
    May GOD Bless you and yours.

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